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“Tribe” – A grouping of people identified by a similar cultural or lifestyle behaviour.

“Safari” – Referring to a journey

“Adventure Travel” – A departure from the routine-ness of everyday life through a journey, endeavouring to reach a heightened state of awareness and an increased heart rate.

Combining philosophies of Living the Adventure and sharing those experiences with others, have made Tribe Safari a leader in adventure travel with over 15 years experience, operating to exotic destinations such as Tanzania, Kenya, Argentina and Russia.

The Tribe Safari team has personal experience in every destination that we offer. We are beyond doubt specialists, perhaps best known as the Kilimanjaro expedition operator of choice. Just our staff combined, have over 30 Kilimanjaro summits personally, having assisted several thousand successful climbers during the past decade.

“Since our beginnings in 1994, Tribe Safari has managed to sail true to its own course, that of “Living the Adventure”. We try to express this philosophy in everything we do, introducing and marketing travel destinations that truly excite us and ultimately also our clients, members of the Tribe. Our travel products include the inherent offering of real adventure, but in addition, the following must be said. Adventure is a perception and a relative state of being. It is relative to each participant and can vary in intensity between one person and the next, depending on experience. The level of previous “exposure” will dictate whether a scuba diving safari off the Pemba coast or a climb to Europe’s highest mountain is the adventure to be savoured next. That’s why each of our destinations will offer a different pace of activity or adventure, suiting different individuals with different experience levels and adventure needs.

Lance de Willers

Lance de WillersAfter starting the business in 1994, Lance has managed to carve out a niche for himself as being probably the most knowledgeable Kilimanjaro tour operator anywhere. Having stood at the summit 27 times so far, and with several more climbs planned for the years to come, Lance’s Kilimanjaro expertise cannot be doubted nor perhaps even matched. Amongst his achievements, Lance also guides groups of blind climbers each year to Kilimanjaro and other destinations. In August 2004, he set a speed record for a return-ascent climb on Kilimanjaro, racing to the summit and down again from the park gate in 12 hours and 26 minutes. Lance regularly guides climbs to high mountains, including Mt. Aconcagua in the Andes. Apart from climbing, he also runs the occasional extreme marathon, is a master scuba diver, adventure racer and qualified pilot.

Tribe Safari is a larger team of likeminded individuals who, depending on the adventure, combine expertise to turn dreams into experiences of a lifetime. We have guides with vast experience who accompany groups to Kilimanjaro upon request; Tour guides, schools and adventure clubs who assemble their own groups and use the Tribe Safari infrastructure to make their adventures run smoothly.


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